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6 Common Furnace Repairs

Furnace Repairs
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Common furnace repairs for Henrico, Virginia, homes include addressing loud noises, fixing the ignition, and repairing worn or broken parts. Schedule furnace maintenance every year, so you don’t run a damaged or dangerous furnace and to prevent costly part replacements.

Fixing Pilot Light or Ignition Issues

The pilot light and ignition control are what allow your furnace to turn on and start burning fuel. Pilot light problems can include a flickering pilot light and a discolored pilot light, both of which can indicate issues with carbon monoxide.

A furnace with hot surface ignition uses electricity to start the furnace. If either of these two implements develop issues, your furnace may only heat your home intermittently or not at all.
You can visually look at your pilot light to see if it’s flickering or discolored. But checking your own hot surface ignition is harder. Schedule a professional to perform maintenance once a year on the furnace to ensure these components are working properly.

Repairing or Replacing Motor Mounts

The motor mount is an important part of your HVAC system. It holds the motor, which is responsible for running the blower and pushing air through your home.

When the motor mount has too much wear and tear, it can mean that screws or parts are coming loose. It can also signal that the motor is slipping from the mount.

Scheduling early maintenance and fixing these problems is far less costly than letting the furnace run with a bad motor mount. The last you want to do is replace these parts.

Stopping Frequent Cycling

Some furnaces start cycling between on and off quite frequently. One common issue that causes this is actually the thermostat.

If the thermostat cannot correctly read the temperature in the house, it’ll send the wrong signal to the furnace. This causes it to turn on when it’s not needed or turn off before the house is fully warm. Bad air flow and dirty air filters can also cause frequent cycling.

Discovering Why No Hot Air Blows

The furnace is on, and air is coming through your vents. But it’s either cold or room temperature. This problem is complicated, as a number of issues can cause it.

One major problem is your furnace’s size. If it’s not big enough to heat your home, it simply won’t produce the required heat for your space. It’ll run for a long time, but you won’t feel any warmer. Have your furnace sized to find out if it’s too small for your space.

A lack of hot air also indicates the furnace is having a hard time heating the air. A problem with the pilot light or your fuel delivery will prevent the furnace from properly heating the air before sending it to the air handler. You’ll need a professional to address either of these issues.

Addressing Low or No Air Flow

When your furnace has been running for hours, yet you barely feel any air coming from your vents, you have an airflow problem. Start by checking your air filter. If the filter is too dirty, it prevents the air handler from blowing enough air through the system.

If your filter is clean, schedule a visit from a service technician. Airflow problems often happen because of poor motor or fan performance.

Your ducts present other issues. If they’re damaged or collapsing, the air won’t be able to flow through and reach your rooms.

Quieting Creepy or Loud Noises

Old furnaces are known for making a plethora of loud, strange noises. From banging and scraping to creaking, furnaces can disturb the calm and quiet in your house.

Though some noises, like the banging associated with your ducts changing temperature, are normal, others are not. If you hear any scraping, rattling or howling, you need maintenance right away. Typically the problem is a loose or damaged part, which is running into other things inside the furnace and creating a big racket.

Air Excellence is here to maintain and repair your furnace. Call us at 804-885-3888 if you experience any of these common issues.

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