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4 Important Commercial HVAC Considerations

Commercial HVAC
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Installing a commercial HVAC system is a major expense. For your company in Richmond, Virginia, to be successful, you'll need a durable commercial HVAC system to keep your customers and employees comfortable. Before you choose a commercial HVAC system, you should consider its type, size, efficiency and costs. Read on to learn more about these important commercial HVAC considerations.


There are many different types of commercial HVAC systems available. While a packaged system sits inside a single cabinet or case, most other systems have an outdoor unit and an indoor air handler. Placing a packaged unit on your roof or on a concrete slab outside will help you conserve valuable space. As a result, you'll have more room for storage and office space. It also makes maintenance easier and reduces noise.

A ductless system has an outdoor unit with one or more indoor air handlers. It can keep contaminants like dust, dirt or paint fumes from spreading throughout your entire building. You can use zoning to set a factory floor or a restaurant's kitchen to a different temperature than the rest of your business. As a result, you'll eliminate hot or cold areas, keeping your employees productive.

A heat pump works to transfer heat out of your commercial building in the spring and summer. In fall and winter, it reverses direction to keep your house warm. Some businesses may need supplemental heating on cold days. But a heat pump works well in warehouses or factories that have lots of equipment that produces additional heat.

You can also install an air conditioner with a separate furnace. A variable-speed system has a fan with more than one setting to help you stay comfortable and conserve power. An HVAC professional can help determine which type of commercial HVAC system is best for your business.


If your commercial HVAC system is too small, it'll struggle to keep your building at a comfortable temperature. The extra wear and tear could shorten your system's life, and fluctuating temperatures could damage your equipment or inventory.

If your unit has too much capacity, it'll turn on and off often as it brings your work area to the temperature on your thermostat too quickly. This leads to temperature fluctuations, poor humidity control and additional wear.

To determine which unit size is best for your space, an expert will use specialized software. They will factor in the:

  • Size of the building
  • Type of work your company does
  • Number of people working there
  • Number of windows


More efficient HVAC systems such as ductless units can help you lower your utility bills. They're often more expensive than conventional units, but the investment is worth it for the additional energy savings. Tax credits are available in many areas, and you can attract new customers by letting people know that you run an environmentally friendly company.


Packaged and ductless systems are among the easiest to install. With a ductless system, you'll never have to get ductwork designed or installed in your commercial space. You also won't have to have your ducts cleaned or checked for leaks. Ductless systems are ideal for small offices. If your office space already has ductwork, a service technician will seal your air registers when you have your ductless system installed. That way, you won't have to worry about pests, biological growth or other pollutants that could impact your indoor air quality.

Most of the parts of a packaged HVAC system are put together at the factory. Therefore, a professional can install it in just a few days.

Air Excellence, Inc. is a Trane Comfort Specialist with more than 20 years of heating and cooling experience. We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we're part of the Home Building Association of Richmond. We can help you with installing, maintaining and repairing your commercial HVAC system. For outstanding service from our expert service technicians call us at 804-885-3888.

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