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6 Reasons You Should Consider a Furnace Tuneup This Fall

Furnace Tuneup This Fall
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Your furnace is the single most important aspect of keeping your Woodlake, Virginia, home comfortable throughout fall and winter. That's why regular preventative maintenance is so integral. With annual or biannual tuneups, you can ensure that your furnace keeps humming along. If you're on the ropes about whether to schedule a furnace tuneup, consider the following benefits. Avoid Holiday Catastrophes […]

6 Easy Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System

man reparing ac
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When you live in Richmond, Virginia, you want to make sure your air conditioner runs smoothly all summer long so that you can look forward to cool days and comfortable nights. Keeping your cooling system going strong takes some basic maintenance, which is ideal for DIY-minded homeowners. From maintaining the landscaping around your outdoor unit to adjusting the thermostat, follow […]

3 Ways You Can Take Your Home’s Efficiency into Your Own Hands

Changing Air Filter
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Do you hate feeling like things are out of your control? Do you dread getting your utility bill and wondering what more you could have done to prevent paying so much? Fortunately, spring in Richmond, Virginia, is a great time to get to work and raise the efficiency of your home. While there are many home maintenance tasks that should […]

Benefits of Using an Air Source Heat Pump for Your Richmond, VA, Home

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Air source heat pumps are an affordable, efficient option for managing your home comfort. If you’ve been relying on more traditional forced air systems, you may be surprised to find that there’s a better alternative. An air source heat pump can offer many benefits for your Richmond, Virginia, home. Heating and Cooling in One Unit Despite their name, which often […]

How Severe Winter Weather Can Take a Toll on Heating Systems

Severe winter weather
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When you live in Central Virginia, winter weather can range from a light dusting of snow to a torrential downpour. Richmond and the surrounding communities receive an average of 12 inches of snow each year. That translates to many bone-chilling days and nights when you'll rely on your heater for warmth and comfort. Whatever Old Man Winter brings your way, […]

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