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5 Reasons to Inspect the HVAC System When Buying a New House

Inspect HVAC in New House
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Buying a house is a big step that requires a lot of careful thought and consideration. In addition to considering features like size, location and price, it's also important to thoroughly inspect the home. General inspections are very broad in nature and may not look closely enough at your HVAC unit. Here are a few reasons to consider a professional inspection of the HVAC unit in your new North Chesterfield, Virginia, home:

Avoid Costly Repairs

Every new homeowner worries about the possibility of a household emergency immediately after moving. You have just spent a significant amount of money on buying the house, moving and furnishing each room. An unexpected expense can put you in a difficult financial position.

Scheduling a professional HVAC inspection before moving in can alert both you and the seller to any concerns. This might affect your offer price as your HVAC unit is one of the most expensive appliances in your home. With this information, you can also prepare for any upcoming major repairs or a full replacement.

Guarantee Safety

You've probably considered your family's safety in your purchase decision. A careful evaluation of the HVAC unit is also important for safety. An HVAC unit can overheat, the heat exchanger can crack, or the unit can leak carbon monoxide into the home. While there are many sights and sounds that can warn you of these dangers, you may not have enough time in the home to notice them.

It's best to set up a routine preventative maintenance inspection to check the condition of your unit as soon as possible. Your expert service technician will evaluate all aspects of the unit, including its cleanliness, efficiency and any safety concerns.

Reduce Energy Costs

Many homeowners won't find out how inefficient their HVAC unit is until they've received their first heating or cooling bill. Your heating and cooling costs account for a significant portion of your monthly utilities. An inefficient HVAC unit can quickly become expensive. Routine maintenance can improve the overall efficiency of your unit. As a result, it'll give you more money to spend on other important moving costs.

Evaluate Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) may be the last thing on your mind when you're in the midst of a big move. Replacing all of the home's air filters is the first step to cleaner air. Being new to the home, you don't know when the filters were last replaced. Additionally, the filters in the home are currently filled with the previous owner's dust, debris and hair.

A home air quality evaluation can offer you a great deal of useful information about the current state of the home's IAQ. It's best to begin taking steps to improve IAQ before moving in so your family can enjoy the advantages of healthy, dust-free air immediately. Also, if you or any of your family members suffer from allergies or asthma, changing the air filters and evaluating the air quality is even more important.

Provide Peace of Mind

Moving can put a lot of stress on both the mind and the body. Once you've unpacked that last box, you can finally kick back and relax. That is, unless the heating or cooling unit is unable to keep up. Uncertainty about the condition and efficiency of your new home's HVAC unit can make your move more stressful. With so many responsibilities to manage all at once, you shouldn't allow the stress of potential HVAC problems to prevent you from fully appreciating your transition into the next chapter of your life.

Don't let a poorly maintained HVAC unit ruin the joy of your new home. Standard home inspections often don't include a thorough inspection of the unit. Therefore, it's important to schedule your own. Doing so can save you money, improve the air quality in your home, and more importantly, keep you and your family safe. Contact Air Excellence, Inc. at 804-885-3888 for all of your HVAC inspection and repair needs.

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