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3 Ways a Smart Thermostat Keeps You Comfortable

Smart Temperature Control
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When you make Richmond, Virginia, your home, you can expect long, hot summers. That means you need an HVAC system and a thermostat you can count on to keep you cool all summer long. From keeping the temperature perfect to optimizing indoor air quality, discover three ways a smart thermostat helps you stay comfortable throughout the summer.

It Keeps the Temperature Consistent

If you usually struggle to stay comfortable during the summer months, you might be surprised at just how consistent a smart thermostat can keep the temperature. All you have to do is program your weekly schedule into the device, paying special attention to “home” and “away” or “asleep” times. The thermostat will stick to your preferred temperature when you’re home to enjoy the cool breeze, and it will take a break to save energy while you’re out or asleep.

It Allows Adjustments Any Time

If you keep a regular schedule with few last-minute changes, you may never have to adjust your smart thermostat again for the rest of the summer. However, if you tend to wait until the last minute to plan gatherings with friends or you often find yourself staying late at the office, you might want to adjust the thermostat to make sure it’s at the optimal temperature when you return home. Fortunately, you can do that from virtually anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and the right app on your smartphone.

It Boosts Indoor Air Quality

Comfort includes much more than just temperature, and smart thermostats are capable of boosting your home’s indoor air quality, too. Most thermostat models provide reminders when it’s time to change your HVAC system’s air filter, and many allow you to control humidity levels or air quality add-ons right from the screen. With this level of control at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to stay comfortable, even at the height of summer.

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