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5 Benefits of a Variable Speed Air Handler

Variable Speed Air Handler
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A variable speed air handler is a motor designed to control the HVAC system's fan. Most HVAC systems are designed with a fan that's either switched off or runs at full speed. But a variable speed air handler makes gradual transitions from low to high speeds depending on your needs. Read on to discover how your home in North Chesterfield, Virginia, can benefit from a variable speed air handler.

Improved Comfort Control

With a variable speed air handler, you won't experience sudden blasts of cold air. That's because the unit maintains a consistent temperature throughout the home. Since you don't have to worry about any hot or cold spots, you'll be comfortable in any room of the house.

Ideal for Zoning

Variable speed air handlers are flexible enough for HVAC zoning, which allows you to break up different areas of the home and control them separately via a thermostat. A variable speed air handler delivers the right amount of warm or cool air to each zone of the home, even if each zone is set to a different temperature.

Better Air Quality

Since a variable speed air handler keeps the fan moving at all times, the air constantly passes through the filter and dehumidifier. That means you're constantly receiving fresh air that's had any unhealthy moisture or particles removed. As a result, you can say goodbye to stuffy rooms.

Quiet Operation

Unlike regular air handlers, variable speed air handlers are noticeably quieter. That's because an air handler is at its loudest when it's turning off and on or running at the highest speed. Since variable speed air handlers run constantly, they only kick into high gear when necessary. They also never turn off only to restart later.

Energy Efficiency

Variable speed air handlers save money because they use less energy. Thanks to their continuous operation, they don't draw extra energy to turn on or off. That helps you keep more of your money in your pocket.

Experience what a variable speed air handler can do for your Virginia home. Call Air Excellence, Inc. at 804-885-3888 for excellent HVAC services and systems.

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