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50% Off All Energy Savings Agreements!

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More than 90 percent of the emergency service calls we receive at Air Excellence, Inc. involve problems that could have been avoided with routine maintenance. This startling fact illustrates the importance of investing in an Energy Savings Agreement (ESA), which ensures your HVAC system functions reliably when you need its comfort most.

By reducing wear and tear and catching minor issues before they become major, routine system maintenance can save you both money and headaches. And a maintenance agreement like our ESA maintenance plan can make that a lot easier to accomplish.

The Benefits of Our ESA Maintenance Agreement

Our Energy Savings Agreement offers the following valuable benefits to you and your family:

  • Regular system tune-ups
  • Priority customer service - you move to the front of the line
  • 24-hour emergency response time
  • 20-percent repair discount
  • Diagnostic fee reduction
  • Waived overtime charges

Beware of One-Shot Maintenance Service Discounts

In your quest to save money on HVAC maintenance, don't let super-low, one-shot maintenance discounts tempt you. These so-called 'great deals' can sometimes turn out to be little more than a way for overzealous contractors to upsell additional equipment and services that you don't need. Their goal is an initial profit rather than your repeat business.

This is just one more reason a maintenance agreement is a good idea. It's your guarantee that a contractor is committed to being there to provide the service you need in the future.

Our Current Promotion: A REAL Special That Adds Value to Your ESA

In addition to its other benefits, our Energy Savings Agreement will save you money when you take advantage of our current promotion:

  • Save 50 percent on your Energy Service Agreement.
  • Regular price for the first system: $290. You Pay $145.
  • Regular price for each additional system: $145. You pay $72.50.

Both new and returning customers are eligible for this special promotion, which includes all the benefits of our current ESA program. For more information about this exceptional value, or if you'd like to sign up today, call Air Excellence, Inc. at 804-885-3888.

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