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3 Common Summertime HVAC Issues

Summertime HVAC Issues
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Summers in North Chesterfield, Virginia, can be brutally hot. They lead to extra use of climate control systems and can cause more frequent problems than the rest of the year. Here's a quick breakdown of the three most common summertime HVAC issues:

Extra Humidity

Humidity levels outside rise during the summer, and that extra moisture can carry over inside. Even with regular use of ventilation in the home, humidity levels can get higher than comfortable in the summer months. If you're dealing with a humid home, a dehumidifier may be your best bet for getting those levels under control and improving home comfort. You can choose single-room solution or a whole-home system.

Another tip for dealing with extra humidity is checking all of your home's seals around windows and doors. These are common areas where air leaks occur and humidity can leak into your home.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is one of the most vital components of your HVAC system. Any leaks can lead to hot air or low airflow. Without proper levels of refrigerant, your climate control system can't cool the air. Refrigerant leaks become more obvious during the summer as increased use makes the symptoms clearer. A licensed HVAC professional should address these leaks. As a result, you'll avoid injury and experiencing other HVAC issues.

High Utility Bills

Summertime temperatures often lead to increased utility bills. Balancing home comfort with energy costs is difficult for many homeowners. One of the best ways to approach this issue is to invest in a smart thermostat. Able to create a personalized climate schedule that fits your family's needs, these devices can help you to use your HVAC system more efficiently. As a result, you'll take a step toward reducing your energy costs.

If you're dealing with HVAC issues this summer, Air Excellence, Inc. can help. Give our HVAC experts a call at 804-885-3888 to set up an appointment today!

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