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4 Easy Tips to Increase the Efficiency of Your Commercial HVAC System

Commercial HVAC System Maintenance
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Commercial HVAC systems work hard all year long in Richmond, Virginia. That's especially true during the sweltering summers and cold winters. These systems need regular inspections and maintenance to keep them operating at optimal levels. Reduce energy consumption, improve comfort, and lower your utility bills by increasing the efficiency of your commercial HVAC system with these useful tips:

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

First off, you can maximize your energy efficiency by having your system regularly maintained by professional service technicians. This service plan will ensure that your system runs optimally in any season. Service technicians can also catch smaller issues before they become expensive problems. Avoid shutdowns and high repair bills by implementing a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan for your system today.

Insulate and Seal Ductwork

A poorly insulated or sealed building loses its conditioned air. As a result, it wastes both energy and money. Trap the air your system produces and increase energy efficiency by having leaky ductwork, pipes and outlets properly sealed. Adding insulation to walls and windows also prevents leaks and reduces how often and how hard your system has to run.

Upgrade Controls

You can precisely control temperature from anywhere you have internet access with smart thermostats. You can adjust your programmable thermostat via Wi-Fi at your office desk or while on an out-of-state business trip. According to the Department of Energy, studies find commercial buildings save almost 40 percent on utility costs by implementing system-wide HVAC controls. Therefore, it's vital that you do so in your commercial property.

Install HVLS Fans

Finally, high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans are a good solution for large commercial spaces that need better airflow. These large ceiling fans operate at a low, constant velocity. As a result, they help to maintain an even room temperature and prevent your HVAC system from kicking on as frequently.

Make sure your commercial HVAC system is running as efficiently as possible. Call Air Excellence, Inc. at 804-885-3888 to schedule your commercial HVAC service today.

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