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3 Habits for Keeping up Energy Efficiency in the Fall

Energy Efficiency in the Fall
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Now that fall is here, homeowners in Richmond, Virginia, need to start thinking about staying warm without increasing their energy costs. Here are three habits every homeowner can practice to keep up energy efficiency in the fall.

Use Sunlight

You won't want to open your windows on colder days, but you can certainly open your blinds and curtains when your home is bathing in sunlight. That natural light will heat your living space and take some of the pressure off your HVAC system. Just remember to close those curtains and blinds at night to insulate the warmth.

Schedule Maintenance

This is a habit that stretches across the entirety of the year, but it's particularly important in the fall. Since your HVAC system works especially hard through the summer, you need maintenance in the fall to ensure your system runs efficiently through the winter when you need it the most. When the fall checkup is complete, remember to also schedule a maintenance appointment for the spring before the hot temperatures arrive.

Seal Drafts

You need to keep all that precious warmth contained in your home. Unfortunately, leaks throughout your home can allow warm air to leave and cool air to enter.

These drafts cut comfort and increase strain on your HVAC system. Look for drafts around windows and doors, sealing them with caulk and weatherstripping. In your garage and attic, check around outlet boxes and plumbing pipes. To seal these drafts, you might need expanding foam.

Implement these three simple habit,  and you'llenjoy lower utility costs as well as a comfortable fall and winter. To schedule HVAC maintenance that enhances your energy efficiency, call Air Excellence at 804-885-3888.

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