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How Our AC Maintenance Plan is the Right Choice

Maintenance Plan is the Right Choice
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Summers in Richmond are brutal once the heat and humidity settle in. There’s nothing more stressful than coming home to a hot house because your AC went out. We strongly recommend our Energy Savings Agreement since about 90 percent of our emergency calls are preventable by choosing this maintenance plan for your home.

What Is Our Energy Savings Agreement?

As a member of our Energy Savings Agreement, you get priority status with a 24-hour response time if your unit does act up. We won’t charge overtime, we’ll reduce the diagnostic fee, and any repairs are discounted 20 percent.

As part of our Energy Savings Agreement, we’ll inspect your cooling system’s cooling and condenser coils, blower components, electrical connections, safety controls, thermostats, and drains. We’ll lubricate all moving parts and check AC pressures, voltage, and amperage draw on motors. We’ll also clean and change your filter if you have one on site.

What Are the Benefits of Our Energy Savings Agreement?

Improved Unit Function

Regular maintenance and tuneups keep your cooling system in its best working order. Well-maintained units use less energy, helping lower your electric bill.

Extended Unit Life

Regular maintenance helps AC systems last the 15-20 years they’re supposed to. Without maintenance, your system could give out in half the time.

Problem Correction

Regular maintenance helps us spot minor issues that, when left unfixed, can turn into system-killing problems.

Scheduled Service 

As a program member, maintenance occurs before hot Richmond summers make you turn on your AC.

Maintenance Paperwork

Cooling system warranties are often void without paperwork that shows regular maintenance. Maintenance documents are nice to have when selling your home!

A Comfortable Relationship

As a member, you’ll get to know our technicians and will feel more comfortable each time we visit. When problems arise, it’s nice to know who’s taking care of you.

If you want to become an Air Excellence Energy Savings Agreement member and enjoy the benefits of a better running AC system and the security of regular maintenance, call us at 804-885-3888 today!

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