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The Importance of Good Home Ventilation

Get Good Home Ventilation
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Have you noticed stale pockets of air in select rooms or encountered unexpected indoor drafts? If so, you've experienced the ventilation challenges that your home handles around the clock. Do you suspect that you don't have good home ventilation? Read on to learn how it truly impacts your home in North Chesterfield, Virginia.

How Outside Air Enters and Exits Your Home

All homes have some level of natural ventilation that allows outdoor air to enter the house through:

  • Gaps in window frames and doors
  • Pipes
  • The chimney

Changes in air pressure can cause outdoor air to flow in or out of your home more rapidly than usual. Mechanical ventilation can also impact the rate of air movement. Exhaust vents in the kitchen and bathrooms and ventilators that connect to your HVAC system help moderate ventilation.

Signs You Have Poor Home Ventilation

Even with all these potential ventilation methods, many homes struggle with poor ventilation. Stale air in various areas of your home can signal ventilation issues. Fluctuations in humidity levels or temperatures can also indicate a problem. In some cases, headaches, fatigue and respiratory issues can point to a ventilation problem. That's because inhaling trapped chemicals, smoke and biological growth can impact your health.

How to Improve Poor Home Ventilation

If you suspect that your home has ventilation issues, we can help you breathe easier in no time. If your home needs mechanical ventilation, we'll typically recommend connecting a Trane FreshEffects energy recovery ventilator to your HVAC system. It'll flush out stale air and draw in fresh air continually. This HVAC add-on also mitigates humidity and operates efficiently, giving your indoor air quality even more of a boost.

Do you need an experienced hand tackling your home's indoor air quality problems? Call the ventilation experts at Air Excellence, Inc. at 804-885-3888 to improve IAQ and lead a healthier life inside your home.

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