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Importance of Keeping a Clean AC Filter at Home

Clean AC Filter Makes Family Happy
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Having a comfortable home in Richmond, Virginia, goes beyond your cooling system. Air cleaners and filtration systems are necessary for clean indoor air. Did you know that keeping your filter clean is one of the most important maintenance tasks that many homeowners neglect? Read on to learn four benefits of keeping your AC filter clean.

Protect Your Health

Changing your AC filter assures cleaner, healthier and fresher indoor air. This is good for family members suffering from allergies or asthma. Those suffering allergies and asthma find that their symptoms lessen with a clean filter. That's because a clean filter can remove tiny particles such as pet dander and pollen from the air. A clean filter purifies your air, leaving it clean and healthy.

Think of air filters as lungs for the home. Clogged lungs make it difficult to breathe. The same thing goes for your home; a clean filter will breathe easily.

Reduce Dust in Your Home

Your air filter not only keeps your AC system clean, but it also keeps your house clean as a whole. A clean AC air filter helps to stop dust build-up in your ductwork, which keeps dust from blowing all over your home.

Save Energy and Money

Routinely changing or cleaning your AC air filter allows your AC system to run more efficiently and enjoy a longer lifespan. Air filters prevent grime and dirt from getting into your AC unit and causing havoc. When dirt gets inside the unit, it can block blowers and damage the coils, resulting in expensive repairs. Save your hard-earned money by cleaning or replacing your air filter. Additionally, replacing a clogged air filter can lower your energy consumption by a significant amount.

Help the Environment

When your AC air filter clogs and your system has to work harder, it releases additional carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gasses. Running a more eco-friendly home is as simple as keeping your filter clean. That can go a long way in making a difference for the environment.

Do you have any questions about air filter cleaning and replacement? Call Air Excellence, Inc. at 804-885-3888 today for expert answers and help.

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