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Is My Furnace Filter Different From My AC Filter?

Furnace Filter Different
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In the summer, you might hear about replacing your AC filter. And in the winter, you'll hear about changing the furnace filter. But do you really need to get different filters for different times of year? Does your Midlothian, Virginia, home’s HVAC system need a filter at all? No matter the time of the year, your HVAC system should always have a clean filter in it.

Furnace and AC Filters Are the Same

You hear three terms related to filters: AC filter, furnace filter and HVAC filter. For forced-air systems, these three terms refer to the same filter.

Your furnace and AC connect to the same forced-air system and network of ducts. That means, whether you’re running the furnace or the AC, the air goes through the same filter.

The filter typically sits near your air handler. This is so that it filters and cleans the air that it pulls through, blocking dust and particulates that can damage the HVAC system.

Why You Need to Change the Filter

You don’t need to use a different filter when you run the air conditioner versus when you operate the furnace. But you need to change that filter once every few months.

You need a filter capable of protecting your HVAC system from dust. If dust or other particles collect inside the air handler, it can cause all kinds of problems, like frozen coils. Talk to a service technician about the air filter you should use to protect your HVAC system.

Changing an air filter is part of the home maintenance that you perform on your HVAC system. It ensures your system operates efficiently and that you need fewer repairs down the line.

Air Excellence will discuss your filter options during a maintenance appointment. Schedule one today by calling 804-885-3888.

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