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Helping Your Furnace Stand Up to Severe Winter Weather

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A residential furnace offers the kind of welcoming warmth your family craves during a harsh winter in Richmond, Virginia. The last thing you want is for it to falter or fail before the long, cold season comes to an end. If your furnace isn't keeping your whole home comfortable, it's time to take steps to enhance its performance. With a […]

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

indoor air quality
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A layer of dust on the coffee table in your Richmond, Virginia, home makes it easy to tell when your home needs cleaning. It's much more challenging to identify other contaminants in your indoor air. Most indoor pollutants are smaller than one micron, or 1/25,000 of an inch. From household chemicals to allergens, indoor pollutants are hazardous to your health. […]

How Electrical Needs Impact Your HVAC Purchase

electrical needs
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In the Commonwealth of Virginia, residential electrical costs average nearly $1,600 per household each year. Around 44 percent of that amount goes toward keeping you warm during the winter and comfortably cool in the summer. Understanding how electrical needs impact HVAC efficiency can help you select a system that saves you money for years to come. Demystifying Electrical Terminology In […]

3 Ways to Improve Heating Efficiency This Winter

improve heating efficiency
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From freezing rain to snowstorms, the coldest temperatures in Central Virginia typically occur between December and February. Home heating systems run on overtime during the winter season, and energy bills rise in turn. If your monthly energy expenses are making it challenging to save money, now's the time to take action. Improving your home's heating efficiency will help keep costs […]

2 Effective Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency

energy efficiency
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If you love the idea of making your Richmond, VA, home as green as possible, start with your HVAC system. There are plenty of energy-efficient HVAC strategies to reduce your energy costs as well as your carbon footprint. Switch to Reusable Air Filters You have to throw away traditional fiberglass air filters every couple of months, which means you're adding […]

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