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4 Plants That Can Help Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

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Even the cleanest homes contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, xylene and trichlorethylene. These chemicals are found in many household products. They can cause illness and trigger allergy and asthma flare-ups. By simply adding a few indoor plants to your Richmond, Virginia, home, you can reduce the levels of household toxins and improve air quality.

Bamboo Palm

You can find formaldehyde in many household products, including:

  • Glue and other adhesives
  • Plywood and particleboard
  • Detergent
  • Shampoo
  • Cosmetics
  • Bath soap

Cigarette smoke also contains formaldehyde. One of the best defenses against formaldehyde is the bamboo palm. Bamboo palm is also excellent at removing benzene, which you can find in paint, paint thinners, glues and furniture polish.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a flowering plant with some powerful toxin-beating properties. It removes alcohols, acetone, trichloroethylene, benzene and formaldehyde. It also helps purify and humidify the air. However, note that the leaves of peace lilies are mildly toxic to humans and pets.

Wash your hand after touching the leaves. Keep in mind that when the flowers bloom, pollen will circulate in the air. Make sure you regularly change your air filter. Consider investing in an air cleaner to assist in removing allergens. As a result, you'll also help ease allergies.

Mother-in-Law's Tongue

If you don't have green fingers or often forget to water plants, get a few Mother-in-Law's Tongue plants. This hardy plant copes well in dry conditions. Therefore, it requires minimal watering. It handles negligence well and is great at removing benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and xylene.

Boston Fern

Finally, Boston ferns flourish in humid climates in areas with indirect light. In addition to being an excellent formaldehyde fighter, this plant helps rid the environment of xylene. Boston ferns need regular watering, and you should mist the leaves occasionally to prevent them from turning brown.

To assess the air quality of your home, contact Air Excellence, Inc. by calling 804-885-3888. We also offer a range of air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and ventilators that will help improve indoor air quality and keep your home healthy. As a result, you'll breathe easier.

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