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5 Reasons Your Office Should Switch to a Smart Thermostat

Switch to a Smart Thermostat
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Running a business is no easy feat. With so many overhead costs to consider, you'll want to keep your energy expenditures in check. Upgrading to a smart thermostat has helped many business owners in Richmond, Virginia, lower their operating costs. Luckily, the benefits don't stop there.

Energy Savings

Switching to a smart thermostat allows your office to use less energy, which gives you more money to reinvest into the business each quarter. Smart thermostats can save you hundreds of even thousands each year, depending on your office's size.

Remote Access

If you've ever forgotten to turn off the air conditioner before leaving the office, you know how essential a feature remote access can be. Smart thermostats connect to mobile devices via Wi-Fi. You can check in on the business's temperature settings even if you're taking the day off.

Mobile Reminders

Smart thermostats offer an array of high-tech features to help you stay on top of your commercial HVAC maintenance. For example, some models allow you to monitor energy consumption and receive maintenance reminders. You'll know exactly when it's time to change the HVAC air filter or when your energy use has gone up unexpectedly.

Ease of Use

Manufacturers design smart thermostats intuitively, making them convenient to use. Not only do they boast modern screen designs that are easy to read but the mobile companion apps are also top rated and user-friendly. In fact, smart thermostats are so intuitive that most people find them easier to use than programmable models.

No More Human Error

Smart thermostats can learn your company's schedule and temperature preferences. As such, they automatically handle raises or drops in temperature based on the office's preferred comfort level. Your employees won't have to fiddle with the thermostat throughout the day to stay comfortable.

Discover how a smart thermostat can improve your office environment and save money. Call Air Excellence, Inc. at 804-885-3888 to learn more about our HVAC options.

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