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Ridding Your Home of Static Electricity

Ridding Your Home of Static Electricity
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Inconvenient and irritating, static electricity can drive you crazy. When the air is especially dry in North Chesterfield, Virginia, static electricity can be a constant issue. Luckily, getting rid of static electricity in your home isn't impossible. There are a number of easy ways to ease or completely get rid of static. We've created this guide to help you get rid of static in your home and keep it under control.

Walk Barefoot

One of the quickest ways static electricity builds is by walking across carpet in shoes or socks, especially older nylon carpet. While replacing nylon carpet is one of the surest ways to reduce static, that's not always the most budget-friendly move.

Instead, consider going barefoot more often. This is an easy way to reduce the buildup of static electricity, if not entirely eliminate it.

Install Anti-Static Carpets

These small rugs are made from specialized yarn with foam backing to help reduce static electricity. If you have particular areas in your home where you notice the static is worse, consider putting down one or two of these mats.

Relatively inexpensive, they're a great solution to preventing shocks. As a result, you'll also avoid your feet from feeling cold if you're walking around barefoot.

Invest In a Humidifier

Static electricity is often worse in dry climates or during winter, when the humidity is less than 50 percent. As a result, static electricity can become an indoor air quality problem if your your home is too dry.

Attaching a humidifier to your HVAC system brings those humidity levels back up to a comfortable level. As a result, you'll reduce the build-up of static electricity throughout your home. Humidifiers are relatively inexpensive and can do wonders for reducing static.

If static electricity is plaguing your home and you're looking for a year-round solution, don't worry. Contact Air Excellence at 804-885-3888 for an indoor air quality consultation today to help get rid of static and improve your comfort.

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