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3 Smells You Should Watch Out For

Smells You Should Watch Out For
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Strange smells in your North Chesterfield, Virginia, home can be unpleasant for you, your family and guests. Keep your nose attuned to smells of burning or rotten eggs, which could signal problems with your HVAC system. If you notice an unusual odor, you might need to schedule a repair for your HVAC system. Putting it off can turn into a more costly and dangerous situation.

Burning Smells

It's normal to detect a burning smell when you first start using your heating system in the fall, but you shouldn't have that smell linger for more than a few hours. A continual burning smell could mean you have a bad electrical component, dust in your furnace or a blocked chimney.

Problems with your furnace can become fire hazards, and they reduce your indoor air quality. While quick repairs are usually inexpensive, you may need to replace your heater if you don't fix the problem right away. In this case, not taking immediate action and needing a premature replacement will cost you more.

Musty Smells

A musty smell could mean you have microbial growth in your ductwork or other parts of your home. Microbial growth can grow on insulation, underneath carpeting or wallpaper, or within your outdoor HVAC unit.

In addition to equipment, you could also have a dirty air filter. Change your air filter at least every three months and have your HVAC system checked regularly. Microbial growth that you haven't removed can lead to severe asthma or allergy symptoms.

Rotten Eggs or Sulfur Smells

If you don't have any rotten eggs in your refrigerator, the smell itself could be a sign of a gas leak. Natural gas normally doesn't have a smell, but natural gas providers add this scent to make leaks easy to detect. Leave your home immediately and call your gas company if you notice this smell.

Air Excellence Inc. is a Trane Comfort Specialist with more than 20 years of cooling and heating experience. We can help keep your HVAC system in optimal condition and remove any unpleasant smells from your home. Call us anytime at 804-885-3888 to have your system installed, maintained or repaired by our experts.

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