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Smelly HVAC? 3 Most Common Reasons

Smelly HVAC
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HVAC systems often emit unpleasant smells as a symptom of a larger issue. If you notice your home in North Chesterfield, Virginia, has started to smell unusual, there's a chance your HVAC system is causing it. Here are the top three most common reasons your HVAC system could be producing unpleasant smells:

Gas Leak

Gas leaks are a serious issue that can lead to health consequences for your household and the risk of fire. Natural gas is odorless by nature. But companies add a noxious-smelling chemical to it to provide a warning to homeowners in case a leak occurs.

If you notice a rotten egg smell, immediately turn off your HVAC unit and the gas supply if possible. Call for an inspection. Be sure to keep your home well-ventilated and to avoid having any open flames until an inspection has been completed.

Electrical Issue

An HVAC system with electrical issues can lead to low performance. As a result, they can shorten its lifespan.

Electrical issues don't always lead to unpleasant odors. But if they do, it often smells like burning. Other issues can cause a similar smell, including a clogged HVAC filter, so be sure to check that first. If the smell persists after changing your filter, call a professional to assess your HVAC system. Unless you're a licensed electrician, don't attempt to fix electrical issues by yourself. The chance of injury is very high.

Dust Buildup

If you have a separate heating component in your climate control system, you may notice a burning smell when you start up your heat for the season. If the cause is dust, the smell should clear up within a few hours or days of starting your system. A good way to help avoid this issue is to make sure your filter is clean before turning on the heat. If the smell doesn't go away, it's likely something more serious causing it.

Are you concerned about a smell in your home? Call Air Excellence, Inc. at 804-885-3888 to set up a consultation today!

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