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Using Smart Technology to Care for Seniors

Care For Seniors With Smart Technology
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Caring for senior citizens requires the right balance of mindful monitoring and respect for the individual's independence. Today's smart technology offers several handy solutions. With the right installations, you can keep an eye on an individual's home in North Chesterton, Virginia, from a distance. That way, you can provide senior care that's well-monitored yet unobtrusive.

Monitoring Movement

Motion sensors offer a simple yet powerful way to keep track of senior citizens' activity. Unnecessary check-ins can feel intrusive. But smart sensors can let caregivers know when the timing is right for a visit. As a result, seniors won't feel like you're invading their privacy.

For example, these sensors can alert you if there's been no movement by the bed for a certain period of time. They can even alert you if the bathroom door hasn't been used. Motion sensors can also offer security by watching for unwelcome visitors. They can provide added safety by triggering appropriate lighting as residents move about their homes.

Maintaining a Comfortable Environment

Smart thermostats with programmable settings that automatically adjust the home's temperature at bedtime or in the morning provide a comfortable living environment for seniors. Caregivers can access these thermostats remotely via a smartphone app and make adjustments as needed. They can keep the home warm during a cold front or check to see if they need maintenance and filter changes. Some systems will even monitor indoor air quality.

Tracking Medications

Keeping track of medications is often difficult for seniors. Smart technology makes things easier by providing helpful alarms and smartphone reminders when it's time to take a particular medication. Digital medication dispensers can dole out the appropriate pills each day. As a result, there won't be any confusion about what to take and when.

If you're looking for home automation solutions to help you manage senior care, Air Excellence, Inc. can help. Contact us at 804-885-3888 to explore your options for smart systems that are easy to manage both inside the home and out.

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