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What’s that Sound?: 3 Signs of HVAC Issues

HVAC Noises
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Bothered by that strange popping sound that echoes through your home every time you turn on your HVAC system? Are you battling to get rid of that odd smell that permeates every room in your Richmond, Virginia, home? Strange sounds and smells are never a good sign, especially when it comes to your HVAC system. They're not the only indicator of HVAC system issues, but they're generally a good sign that something is wrong. Sounds, smells, and decreasing efficiency are all warnings that it's time to call a technician to come check up on your HVAC system.


Any smell that's out of the ordinary is a warning, but fortunately, most specific smells can be traced to specific issues. For example, a rotten egg smell likely indicates a natural gas leak. If you ever catch a whiff of that, immediately call your gas company. An electrical smell could be a sign of overheating components or motor and wiring issues. If you smell this, turn off your system using the master switch and call a technician. A musty, moist smell is often an indicator of condensation buildup in the system, which probably has caused mold growth. An HVAC technician can clean those spores out.


Just like with abnormal odors, abnormal sounds are also often signs of specific issues. A sudden scraping sound can mean a part of the system is broken or loose. Banging may point to duct or air flow issues. And rattling sometimes means that something (like a writing utensil or one of your kids' toys) has fallen into the air register.

Decreased Efficiency

Another telltale sign of HVAC issues is a sudden drop in efficiency. If your home isn't as comfortable as it once was, despite setting your thermostat to the same temperature, then problems with your system are likely causing efficiency to fail.

If you've noticed any of these signs in your home, know that hope is not lost. Your local HVAC technician can remedy these issues and return everything to normal. To have your system fixed up, call Air Excellence at 804-885-3888 .

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