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We love the thought of summer for various reasons, but not the searing heat and humidity that come with it. There’s nothing like a hot, miserable summer day to make you appreciate your air conditioner. However, if your air conditioner fails or doesn’t produce the level of air conditioning expected, it can quickly take all the excitement out of the season.

Air Conditioning Repair in Richmond, VA

When the rays of the summer sun are bearing down, your air conditioner must be able to provide the cool escape you need. Often it can feel as if, no matter what you do, your home just can’t get cool enough

  • Insufficient or no cool air? When it’s hot indoors, it’s not just a matter of discomfort. If you don’t get relief from the heat, your health can also be affected. We pride ourselves on quick response times to both routine and emergency repair calls. Our technicians will work hard to restore comfort and keep you safe.
  • Strange odors? If you notice a sudden burst of foul odor every time your AC cycles on, it’s time to schedule air conditioning service. If the odor is electrical in nature, you will need to contact a professional immediately. Other odors can be caused by mold in the system or dirt and other debris in the ductwork. These pollutants can actually affect AC performance.
  • A noisy AC system? Don’t lose sleep because of a noisy AC. Rattling, banging, clanging, and other sounds can actually be signs of serious problems. Our repair team can improve AC performance or determine if the problem is best solved by an AC replacement.

Air conditioning problems can be caused by a variety of factors. You need an HVAC contractor to quickly determine the cause and find an effective solution. Our technicians receive continuous training, are equipped with the right tools, and have the kind of passion needed for effective air conditioning service.

AC Replacement and Air Conditioning Installation in Richmond, VA

To make sure you survive the summer and experience as little inconvenience as possible, a new air conditioner might be a good idea. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save up to 40% on your cooling costs by upgrading to a more energy-efficient model.

Air Excellence, Inc. can provide you with the best cooling system for your home. Our technicians are also experts at air conditioning installation, so your new system will provide just the indoor comfort solutions you need, and will last as expected.

Your Expert HVAC Team

Air Excellence is also equipped to handle all sheet metal fabrication work related to your HVAC system. This all-inclusive approach means that you won't have to call three different contractors to get your system serviced.

Air Excellence, Inc. wants to be sure you keep cool and comfortable all summer long. With our team of qualified technicians, your air conditioning challenges are easily resolved. Give us a call today to learn more about AC replacement or how we can help you to improve indoor comfort during those long, hot months.

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